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Homophobic American Idol Watchers

Newsweek worries that Christians won't vote for Adam Lambert on Idol because he might be gay. Hilarious. These people are such idiots:

According to Newsweek's Ramin Setoodeh, "American Idol's" Adam Lambert could "be heading home" due to those homophobic Christians that watch every week.

Lambert, Setoodeh wrote in a May 12 blog post, "has been called the best ‘Idol' singer in the history of the show, thanks to his Celine Dion-like pipes. But he's also one of the most controversial, thanks to his Marilyn Manson-like wardrobe and his (not-so) ambiguous sexuality."
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Pro Ecclesia said...

Oh the irony. Miss California's answer to a question that reflected her traditional views on marriage probably cost her the Miss USA title because of the vote of a homosexual judge.

But they're worried that Christians MIGHT vote against Adam on the basis of bigotry?

That's rich.

Larry Denninger said...

I don't watch AI because I think it's stupid. Does that make me a dumbaphobe?

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