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Heartbreaking Story of Abortion

This can be pretty tough to read but this is the truth about abortion:

My name is Nancyjo Mann. I am one of the 16 million of women who has had an abortion since 1973. I’ve seen this from all angles; from the pro-choice side, the pro-life side, and most importantly, from the side of a woman who has experienced abortion.

I exercised my “right to choose,” and I became a victim of this Pandora’s Box. It was a pretty, tempting treasure. It promised to solve all my problems and restore full control over my life. But instead, this “right,” this “gift,” was filled with sufferings and regret which I could never have anticipated or imagined. What follows here is my story. It is not a unique one. Millions of others have been seduced by the same false promises. Mine is but one example of the abortion reality.
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