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Father Jay Goes Sonny Corleone on You

Father Jay is joking but he means it:

Every family wants photos of their little Willie or Wendy receiving their First Holy Communion. But I've now been witness to anarchy when it comes to people disrupting Mass because THEY want THEIR picture(s), and no one else matters. Even grandmas and grandpas, who are usually the regular Massgoers of the crowd with some sense of Church etiquette, seem to creep into voyeurism when it comes to little Billy or Betty receiving the Host.

So what do we do? Now, personally, I'm all for doing a whole "Don Barzini" thing on them (upon seeing someone take a picture, I snap my fingers, some usher rips the camera from their hands and gives it to me, so I can take out the memory card, crush it, and throw it to the ground).
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