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Deirdre Mundy was at Notre Dame

I promise to start writing on things other than Notre Dame but this was too good to pass up. CMR friend and fellow blogger Deirdre Mundy was at the protest at Notre Dame. It's a funny and moving account. It's posted at Erin's site "And Sometimes Tea."

Reader Deirdre Mundy was able to attend the protest at Notre Dame today; she has very kindly sent along her account of the day's events:

We got to campus early, but missed the turn for the designated parking area. This turned out to be a really good thing— I asked one of the ubiquitous policemen for help, and he directed us to a different parking lot, much closer to campus. As we pulled in, a group of nuns was getting out of their car. By the time we unloaded all the kids, the nuns were way ahead of us, but since we weren’t sure where we were going, we adopted a policy of “follow the pretty blue nuns.” (They were in full habit.) My daughters were thrilled and started screaming “Go faster! The nuns are really fast and we have to catch them!!”
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