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College Commencement, Catholic Style

Pundit and Pundette attended a Catholic commencement. They do some comparisons:

The P&P family attended one yesterday. Much, much smaller than Notre Dame's, and decidedly Catholic in flavor. It was Christendom College's graduation. The main speaker, Jude Dougherty, who received an honorary degree, is a noted Catholic intellectual who adheres to and supports the teachings of the Church. The college also gave an award to Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, a man who has devoted the past twenty years to fighting for the unborn. He remarked that his job was an easy one: going around the country and the world and pointing out the obvious: killing babies is wrong. To quote him: "Live baby, good -- dead baby, bad." Something of a no-brainer. The event was teeming with large families and right wing extremism of all sorts.
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L Mundane said...

Has anyone considered , why Obama said "yes" to Notre Dame? The President must get requests every year. Most of which are declined thankfully with a form letter with a raised seal on the top of high quality letter stock. President Obama said "yes"! He has his agenda and he is pursuing it.His agenda can only be determined by his voting record. Not the "present" votes but the actual votes that he actually said` yeah or nay
on A second reason he said "yes " to ND may be that he is that he wishes to establish dominance on a global level.In BO's crosshairs was our Pontiff.

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