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Chris Matthews, SJU, and the Jesuit Identity

As you probably remember Saint Joseph's University is honoring Chris Matthews at the commencement ceremony. One alum has written a moving letter to the school concerning their decision. 44 is a man who loves Saint Joe's and is truly pained at his school's decision. Definitely worth a read:

My good friend John Lammers, aka Novaboy, told me years ago when we were at Lucent Technologies to never write, then send, a letter out of anger. To shelve it, and wait until a cooler mind may prevail. So I've waited a month. I was disappointed with my alma mater's decision to honor Chris Matthews at this year's commencement -- and I remain so. It was an extremely poor decision made by the faculty, and approved by the SJU Board of Trustees and Fr. Timothy Lannon, SJ -- a man whom I greatly admire. Mr. Matthews had the following to say about the United States Bishops who feel that the teachings the Roman Catholic Church should apply to all Roman Catholics, including politicians:
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