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Chinese Super Ninjas and the Resurrection

Every time I link to Eegahinc at the B-Movie Catechism I feel like I have to explain him to folks so they understand. First thing you have to understand is that Eegahinc is really smart. Unfortunately he's also insane. I don't know if he's been diagnosed as such but you can kind of tell. Hidden in the insanity are great insights though. But you have to read the whole thing. Don't let the Chinese Super Ninjas scare you:

Now, some of you may be asking just what the heck I was thinking posting that clip? But it wasn’t what I was thinking (as I’m rarely accused of doing THAT), it’s what I was reading. Namely, the Bible. As you might recall, I’m still making my way through Holy Scripture using The Coming Home Network’s guide to reading the Bible and the Catechism in a year, and I was reminded of this scene when I happened to run across this tidbit from 2 Maccabees 14.
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Anonymous said...

i never apologize when i link to that guy. in fact, sometimes i brag.

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