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Bp. Finn - Best Commentary on Notre Dame

Father Z has a wonderful interview with Bishop Finn of KC. He says everything I think needs to be said about the Notre Dame incident.

The Catholic Key blog of the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph has an interview with His Excellency Most Rev. Robert Finn, the excellent bishop of the same.

He opines on the visit of Pres. Obama to Notre Dame.

Here are a few excerpts with my emphases and

[Q:] Dialogue was the big theme of the Notre Dame commencement. Is it possible for the Church to dialogue on abortion?

There are many associated elements that have to do with taking care of women in distress, offering alternatives to abortion. We have to work together, discuss and study how best we can provide for the needs of women and families. How can we reduce the number of abortions? These are elements for dialogue. But the rightness or wrongness of abortion – this is an intrinsic evil. The direct taking of an innocent life can never be negotiated.

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