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Boston College Jesuit On Evils Of Socialism

The Jesuit President of Boston College gave a speech on the evils of socialism...in 1911. The speech is great in and of itself at it essentially predicts our doom but it's also interesting to see how much things have changed in 100 years. Good Jesuit/Bad Jesuit is a really good site. Check it out:

IT is indeed a pleasure to come before a body of men and women who are interested in what is one of the most vital questions of the day.

The subject upon which I have been asked to speak and the side I shall try to maintain is, of course, one of great interest to the world at large at the present time. We are all interested in the welfare of our fellow-beings. We all feel that there is something wrong in society at the present time.

There are colossal fortunes and there are depths of poverty. There are those who know not what to do with their wealth, and those who have to cry out for a mere pittance only to keep body and soul together.

Consequently, when Socialism comes to us and states that its great aim is to benefit humanity, to lessen poverty, to make life brighter and more full of sunshine, we must every one of us say that with this aim and object we are in hearty accord.
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