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A Witness for Human Life (and Notre Dame)

Human life is sacred. To act against that in any way is anti-Catholic and anti-human. That's why this Notre Dame scandal is so awful. But this says it better than I could:

Earlier this evening Bill McGurn (former White House speechwriter, WSJ columnist, former NR-er . . .) gave a beautiful speech on the campus of the University of Notre Dame. But then, that is only to be expected. Bill and his wife are beautiful people who live what they believe, and they believe in being witnesses to their faith and loving human life.

In his speech tonight, at his alma mater — hosted by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture and the Notre Dame Fund to Protect Human Life — Bill said:

tonight our hearts carry a great sadness. But we do not come here this evening to rally against a speaker. We come to affirm the sacredness of life. And we come with a great hope: That a university founded under the patronage of Our Lady might be as consistent in the defense of her principles as the President of the United States has been for advancing his. In a nation wounded by Roe … in a society that sets mothers against the children they carry in their wombs … we come here tonight because however much our hearts ache, they tell us this: Our church, our country, and our culture long for the life witness of Notre Dame.
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