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A Torturous Equivalence

I thank Erin Manning for writing this because this whole line of argument attacking Mary Ann Glendon was driving me crazy. I was working on a post on this but I'm...like...30 IQ points short to write anything as good and definitive as Erin did. Check it out:

Here and there in the Catholic blogosphere, the discussion about Mary Ann Glendon's decision to refuse the Latare Medal from Notre Dame continues.

One theme that has sprung into being keeps cropping up rather regularly, almost as if left-leaning Catholics were receiving talking points from somewhere--but as everyone knows, only right-wing conservatives get talking points; liberals are all highly independent thinkers who just happen to reach the same conclusions within moments of each other, which makes it convenient for them to post the same thoughts on multiple Internet conversations all at once. This theme goes as follows:

•Mary Ann Glendon was ambassador to the Holy See during the Bush administration.
•The Bush administration condoned torture.
•Mary Ann Glendon did not resign her position.
•Therefore, Mary Ann Glendon wholeheartedly approves of the intrinsic evil of torture, and her refusal to accept the award from Notre Dame is a purely partisan act.
•Thus, Catholics who were already inclined to applaud ND for honoring Obama may continue to do so in perfectly good conscience.
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