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This is Incredibly Sick

Read this at Jammie Wearing Fool, go throw up, cry, throw some pillows, scream out your window and then come back to read more because by the time you do those things something else outrageous will have happened.

While they're busy removing this, they need to remove the idiots who thought this was a good application for an iPhone.

This is just sick.
Apple yanked a despicable iPhone application from its online store today, putting to bed the "Baby Shaker" program that directs users to simulate infanticide.

The 99-cent download brings the image and sound of a crying baby to the phone. Then after the user's vigorous shaking, the crying stops and red x-marks cover the baby's eyes, gleefully marking its death.

There's a stop watch at the top of the screen to time the user.
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Anonymous said...

is this a commentary for our times?


** said...

Obama dreamt up the original idea.

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