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Sold Like Livestock

I can be cruel. I know it. Sometimes I say things I shouldn't and even do things I shouldn't. But typically after I gather myself I apologize. But I never cease to be amazed with the sustained cruelty which with some people treat others. Sustained cruelty is something else entirely. There's something inhuman about it. It is cause for prayer and action. I found this story via Pewsitter.

While North Korea thumbs its nose at the world by reportedly resuming its nuclear program, launching satellite rockets and detaining two U.S. journalists, millions are suffering famine, imprisonment, torture and even death inside the hermit country.

Bang Mu Sun, a North Korean female defector who was sold three times in the sex-trafficking ring that flourishes on the Chinese-North Korea border, says North Korean women are called "pigs." She says: "I was sold like livestock three times. I realized that there was a world where human beings were bought and sold and that people could show such cruelty and shamelessness.
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