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Ron Howard Plays Victim

Ron Howard is acting like a weenie. That's the best way to say it. He mocks the Church, attacks it, attempts to belittle Christ, and then plays victim. Give me a break. Ignatius Insight Scoop has more:

When it was announced, years ago, that Ron Howard—a one-time television thespian turned movie director whose roles as Richie Cunningham and Opie Taylor endeared him to millions of fans—would direct The Da Vinci Code, it surprised some people. I was asked repeatedly, in the course of giving talks about Dan Brown's infamous novel, why sweet Ronnie would direct a movie that was based on a nearly endless list of falsehoods about the Catholic Church (not to mention those about Italian art, medieval architecture, and much more). Some folks, apparently, did not understand that one's role as a boy does not make the man.

Now Howard has penned an apologia, aimed mostly at The Catholic League, on The Huffington Post, and it reveals, I think, why the Howard-Brown "creative" marriage is a match made in, uh, Hollywood heaven.
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