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Romney a "Winner" and Palin a "Loser?"

The Washington Post is seeking to bury Sarah Palin once again. Surprise. Surprise. Conservatives 4 Palin makes some strong points arguing the other way:

Chris Cillizza writes for the Washington Post:
The Alaska governor has struggled mightily to balance her national ambitions with her current job. From the "she's is/she's out" mishandling of her attendance at a Republican party event is Washington to the decision by her fundraiser to step aside, the first 100 days have been an unmitigated disaster for the former vice presidential nominee. (And that's without even mentioning the whole Levi Johnston debacle for which we give Palin, a mother first, something of a pass.) Palin is rapidly becoming the butt of jokes among GOP operatives; she may not care but remember how powerful the chattering class is in the Invisible Primary. To win her party's nomination in 2012, Palin need to recruit some top tier talent and, right now, she would struggle to convince anyone at that level to sign on.
Oh, so Palin is becoming the butt of jokes among the beltway GOP establishment? How disappointing! I am sure Palin really wants their support and loyalty. They have done such a great job throwing her under the bus after the last national election...
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Anonymous said...

I'd much sooner vote for Sarah Palin than for any of the pansies who find it so easy to criticize her when she has more moral courage than all of them put together. Why should she waste her time garnering their support and "loyalty," when she has the admiration and support of liberty-loving Americans. I hope she runs--and leaves those pathetic, impotent RINOs in the dust.

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