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Requiescat in Pace Sister Mary Alan

For anyone enamored with high school basketball, the story of St. Anthony's in New Jersey is a miraculous one. I was saddened to read that Sr. Mary Alan passed away. Hers was an amazing life. Please check it out:

When St. Anthony's encountered financial trouble in the 1990s, Sr. (Mary Alan) Barszczewski took action. With Sister Felicia Brodowski by her side, the two would travel into Manhattan to knock on the doors of Fortune 500 companies and ask for donations. Together, and with the help of Hurley, they have raised more than $1 million annually for the school.
"She believed that all kids, even poor kids, deserved quality," said Kathleen Staudt, director of development at St. Anthony. "That's why she fought to keep the school good."
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