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Paul Ryan 2012?

R.S. McCain seems to think that Paul Ryan, a Catholic conservative congressman, is a good fit for 2012. My favorite line is when describes Ryan as a "good-looking Irish kid who's got "telegenic" like I've got "crazy."

(A quick warning to those who care-there is some "language" on the site):

Yeah, it's easy to see why Ryan's a rising star for the GOP. C'mon, ladies: Those blue eyes? That thick hair? That aw-shucks grin?

A dude like that could tempt Cynthia Yockey. Oh, what the heck -- he could tempt me.

This was one of my basic insights into the massive fail of Crazy Cousin John. Even without his RINO deviations, Maverick had the problem of being old, short, grumpy and, worst of all, bald.
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Pro Ecclesia said...

Mr. McCain writes: "If he can sound like ... Mark Krikorian on immigration ..."

So he thinks Rep. Ryan - a Roman Catholic - should sound like the guy who wote this and this?

Which is only a small step away from this?

If he decides to run, let's hope Rep. Ryan doesn't go that route.

matthew archbold said...

Nice work on that comment. Well researched.

I don't think Mr. McCain was advocating that angle of Krikorian's work.

But I too believe that the whole turn the immigration debate took was very off putting when it resorted to anti-Catholicism.

I seem to remember Malkin kvetching at the bishops for that as well.

It's that kind of demonizing that both sides of political debates take part in that I find so disheartening. If someone disagrees with you, you simply question their motives and their integrity.

Thanks for the reminder.

Robert Stacy McCain said...

Jay, is the open-borders advocacy by the U.S. bishops an article of faith? It looks more to me like the kind of "liberation theology" leftism we saw in Latin America during the '80s.

Arthur said...

I agree that open borders are a leftist utopian daydream. But I read Creative Minority Report often and they spend half their time mocking something some bishop or priest said.

But I think what Jay is saying was that Krikorian went over the line by questioning the motives of some bishops trying to fill the pews.

matthew archbold said...

Krikorian's logic falters upon his assumption that some liberal priests and bishops are concerned with filling the seats.

It seems to me that many liberal priests and bishops have done all they could do to chase people out;)

Rita said...

Why don't you move this to the main page and off the Reader? Let more people see it.
I'm a huge Paul Ryan fan. Don't like Palin much. Just don't think she's ready.

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