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No Laetare Medal This Year

Amy has the story:

Catholic News Service has just tweeted...twittered...that John T. Noonan will be speaking at Notre Dame's graduation "in lieu" of awarding a medal...

(Noonan was awarded the Laetare Medal in 1984)

From the Notre Dame Press Office:

Judge John T. Noonan Jr., the 1984 recipient of the Laetare Medal, has accepted an invitation to deliver an address in the spirit of the award at Notre Dame's 164th University Commencement Ceremony on May 17. His speech will be in lieu of awarding the medal this year.
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Anonymous said...

I'm still completely appalled that Notre Dame has this controversy going on at all, let alone that it's lasted this long. I'm disgusted at a good majority of our "Catholic" organization that doesn't seem to think anything is skewed with the invite and planned honorary degree for Obama. It's because of leadership like that, those who see nothing wrong with this, that our entire country is in trouble. God help us.

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