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Movie Review: Let The Right One In

I heard of this movie but there's some freaky subtext to it. It's getting rave reviews. Read the argument in the combox too.

The movie, Let The Right One In, starts with a 12 year old boy named Oskar who looks to be on the path of becoming a cereal killer. Oskar is a vulnerable boy and is mercilessly harassed by bullies. Oskar's cereal killer type fantasies come from a desire to get revenge and gain freedom from the bullies. A young girl, Eli, moves into Oskar's apartment complex along with an elderly man. The girl turns out to be a vampire and the elderly man kills people for blood to keep Eli alive. Eli and Oskar become friends and through their relationship Oskar is able to grow and defend himself against the bully. The closer the relationship between Eli and Oskar becomes the more healthier Oskar seems to get. The old man get's caught. Eli kills the bullies and Oskar takes on the new role that was left void by the old man's death.
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