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Joan Chittister on Dissent

Thanks to Rochester Catholic for reading Joan Chittister so I didn't have to because he discovered this priceless gem. Go check it out:

Joan Chittister’s analysis of the Church’s “institutional decline”:

Doing more of the same — and doing it bigger and better — is always a quick-fix response to institutional decline. But it is, at best, a short-lived cure. In its attempt to regain control after the chaos of the Reformation, the church managed to stop time and halt renewal for over 400 years. Then, primitive communication systems conspired to separate and isolate the visionary elements of geographically disparate and far-flung populations.

But those days are gone forever. Now the Internet, blogs, VOIP, and social-networking sites are fertile spawning grounds for new ideas, for ideas we don’t want to hear, for ideas that are continually disrupting the past, for thinking groups of Christians who are beginning to organize themselves.

Now the task is no longer to suppress dissent; it is to keep up with it...,
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John Hetman said...

As difficult as it may be to achieve, I am praying daily for Sister Joan's re-conversion to Catholicism. I suspect that it may have to wait till the last moment when she too finally begs forgiveness for all of her damage to the faith...and gets into Purgatory.

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