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Jesuit University Not a Catholic School?

This is so disturbing from Our Sunday Visitor. Read the entire thing.

If you work for the Jesuit University of San Francisco, no matter which USF health insurance you choose, it will pay for an abortion, sterilization, artificial contraception and some infertility treatments. And that is unlikely to change anytime soon, despite a report here earlier this year.

The USF Faculty Association president, Elliot Neaman, said today that if the university tries to remove the abortion benefit, it would file an unfair labor practice complaint.

Whether abortion involves the killing of a child is “not relevant,” Neaman told OSV. “You are mixing up morality and contractual obligations,” he said.
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Rick said...

If the educators demand the abortion coverage as part of their compensation, what kind of educators are they?

If the administration hires these characters, what kind of school are they running?

Decay starts from the head. So that is where reform needs to start. Until then, they better close shop rather than producing more faith-less, jaded and cynical Catholics who do more harm than good to Christianity.

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