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It's Funny 'Cause It's True

How would the media have reacted to the whole pirate thing if Bush were still President?

So, after President Obama ordered sharpshooters to shoot four untrained, teenage Somali pirates who had been drifting in a lifeboat for four days, the press declares it a success. AP says it was a “big win” for Obama. UPI says he “passed his first test” as Command in Chief.

Now let’s imagine that this took place six months ago under President Bush. Here are the headlines we’d be reading:

1.The War on Terror’s Fresh, New Face - NY Times
■Somalia - Glassy-eyed from lack of sleep and food, the four Somali pirates were barely able to hold their weapons up as sharpshooters took aim at their amydylas. Some of those involved in the operation questioned the President’s approach. “They weren’t a threat to this ship” one soldier said on condition of anonymity, “I think we could have resolved this without firing on them.”
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