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Fr. Z Fisks Kmiec

Fr. Z just rips apart Doug Kmiec's latest. It's so right on that for a moment I actually felt a little sorry for Kmiec for being so dismantled in public but then I regained my sanity.

Doug Kmiec again - worse and worse. Doug Kmiec again with my emphases and comments.
Father John Jenkins, the president of the University of Notre Dame, probably yearns for days past when the only angry messages waiting for him related to rehiring head football coach Charlie Weis for a fifth season after Weis’ dismal 6-6 performance in 2008.
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Anonymous said...

Can some folks investigate this? On 4-14-09, Fr. Z posted some commentary on a Homeland Security directive that equates pro-lifers with white supremacists. Now his website seems to have been shut down. I have been trying to access for the last fifteen minutes with no luck.

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