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Forbidding to Marry

This is a truly great essay on marriage by R.S. McCain over at Hot Air. It really had me thinking.

For me, being pro-marriage, pro-family and pro-life is more than a political position. My wife and I have six kids ranging from age 5 to 19, and you can imagine how challenging this has been on a journalist’s pay. (Never mind a blogger’s pay.) But as my late father advised me long ago, “Son, if you wait to have kids until you can afford to have kids, you’ll never have kids.”
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Anonymous said...

What did it have you thinking?

Look no further than your local parish and marriage tribunal for a most effective means of divorce encouragement.

Start by listening to those who are defending their marriages against the Catholic priests who have encouraged their spouses to divorce in order to seek nullity.

Dialogue with Bai McFarlane about this and those who post at her yahoo blog.

If you ignore this your "thinking" means nothing.


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