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Book Review: Death of a Pope

I'm always in search of my next book. The Curt Jester got his paws on this new novel and tells us it's worth a read. Check him out:

There are not exactly too many books that could be subscribed as a ecclesiastical thriller. The new book by Piers Paul Read called "The Death of a Pope" is certainly part of that small genre, but not limited by that.

The novel starts with a trial for a laicized priest who had been working for an international Catholic charity and had been arrested for trying to buy nerve agent. The plot builds from there in the last weeks of Pope John Paul II's life and it follows a serious threat as you might expect from the thriller genre. The main characters follow a range mainly along a faithful Catholic and lapsed/liberal Catholic divide that includes a Cardinal, priests, a reporter, and various personnel from security agencies.
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Anonymous said...

Hi Matthew,

If you'd like to review it for your website, I think we have a few advance readers left. Just send me your address.

E-mail me at:
john (at) ignatius (dot) com.

John Herreid
Ignatius Press

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