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Bishop D'Arcy Statement to the Faithful

Found this via Pewsitter concerning Fr. Jenkins and the Notre Dame scandal:

From Bishop John M. D’Arcy
April 21, 2009

My Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Recently, Father John Jenkins, CSC, in a letter of response to Bishop Olmsted of the Diocese of Phoenix, who had written him, critical of the decision to invite President Obama to speak and receive an Honorary Degree of Law at Notre Dame, indicated that it was his conviction that the statement Catholics in Political Life (USCCB) did not apply in this matter. Father Jenkins kindly sent me a copy of his letter, and also at a later meeting, asked for a response.

In an April 15th letter to Father Jenkins, I responded to his letter.
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Anonymous said...

This is HUGE!
This reader senses in Bishop D'Arcy's message a clear indication that the invitation will not stand. Am I wishfully thinking here?

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