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The Birth of the Black Legend

Joseph Fromm of Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit writes about the fabrication that Pope Pius XII ignored the plight of the jews during the holocaust. Guess who started the rumor. It was the commies. I knew it!:

The "black legend" of a pope who was a friend of Hitler and a supporter of totalitarian regimes was not born, as is often maintained,
in Jewish circles, in response to the presumed silence of Pius XII on the Holocaust, but in the communist world, in the period during which, shortly before the end of the second world war, the division of the world into two opposing blocs was approaching, one under Soviet influence and the other under that of the United States.
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Joseph Fromm said...

Dear Matthew,

Fr. Sale, S.J. is not the author of Good Jesuit Bad Jesuit.
But little ol' me Joseph Fromm.
Fr. Sale,S.J. is the author of the original featured article

Thanks for the link! Happy Easter.



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