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Anti-Catholic LA Times?

"If they just let schoolteachers marry this would never happen." I guess that doesn't have the same punch as some other slogans, huh? But there's got to be a reason to explain the discrepancy in the coverage the LA Times gives to the Church. Could it be that the LA Times is anti-Catholic?

Check out the following two stories:

1. A former Catholic priest comes forward Monday (4/20/09) to claim that another priest abused him as a teenager nearly 30 years ago. (The accused priest has no other similar public complaints and denies the allegations against him.)

2. A former school teacher was sentenced Wednesday (4/22/09) after pleading no contest to eight felony counts, including having sex with two girls under the age of 16. The man "admitted to having intercourse with the girls, performing oral sex with the teens and taking extremely explicit nude photographs of his victims -- including pictures of him with one of the girls - before sending the images over the Internet."

Now it's quiz time! To which story did the Los Angeles Times devote two generous color photos and a 640-word article? Which story did the Times totally ignore?
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j. christian said...

Anyone living in LA for the past few decades knows full well how anti-Catholic the LA Times is. Columnist Steve Lopez almost can't write about anything else, so entrenched is his fixation. The consolation in this is that the Times is on its deathbed.

Anonymous said...

Today's LA Times (4/25/09) has an Op Ed piece by Tim Rutten entitled "The Holy War over Kathleen Sebelius". Rutten praises not only Sebelius, but cardinals Bernardin, McCarrick and Mahony.

Jacqueline Y.

Rick said...

There's more shock content with the priests' story because they are held to a higher standard due to their formation, vocation, mission and leadership role to the community and how they represent the Lord.

And there can indeed be anti-clerical sentiments from folks who are in cahoots with abortionists. Through the priests, they discredit the Church and weaken Her moral authority.

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