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Am I Too Catholic?

This is a question I think everyone has had cross their minds at one point. Danielle Bean does great with it over at Faith and Family Live:

A reader wrote me recently with this question (I’ve edited out some specifics):

“Am I too Catholic? Having never really lived a Catholic family life, I have been struggling to understand, live, and teach the Catholic faith in our little family.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m a fundamentalist in my beliefs because I am so very different from my friends and family. For example, Harry Potter (won’t let my kids read it), pop music (sometimes I’ll change the channel because of the lyrics), beer commercials (because of the scantily-clad females or the innuendos), etc. ... Am I being too fundamentalist in my views?
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Mack said...

Go, Mom!

Rick said...

I think you're a prudent and practical Christian Catholic parent. A principle of critics is "Nothing is in the intellect unless it is in the senses first." So, filtering out vulgar and obscene words, impure images and idolatrous practices is sound formation. All the saintly educators did the very same thing. When you mentioned fundamentalist you might be thinking of that character from the Simpsons? One need not go over board by having everything from the Bible. St. John Bosco (1888) had an "everything goes" policy provided one does not sin.

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