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Ace vs. JPod: Cage Match

Ace takes on the burgeoning conventional wisdom on the Specter issue. It's really quite good:

What on Earth is JPod Talking About?

I like John Podhoertz. He's a Guiliani type of blue state conservative, by which I mean he often disagrees with social-cons but is usually not insulting or disrespectful about it, and, when he is on the orthodox conservative side of things, he's tenacious and with us all the way. (For disclosure: He's also friendly to me in our very sporadic email exchanges, though I've never met him.)

But I don't know what the hell he's talking about here. Or, to be more precise: I know exactly what he's talking about. I just have no idea how this applies to the Specter situation.
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Pro Ecclesia said...

Don't you love how the neo-cons are the ones who got the GOP into this mess in the first place, and were the ones who were supporting McCain since way back in 2000 (i.e. he was THEIR guy), and yet they seek to lay all the blame for the GOP's problems at the feet of the social conservatives to whom the GOP has been paying mere lip service for the past 30 years?

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