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Lisa Schiffren of The Corner has an interesting take on Bristol Palin breaking off her engagement to her baby's father. And how marriage is just not that big of a deal anymore:

A mere ten weeks or so after the birth of their baby, Bristol Palin and her co-parent, Levi Johnson, have split up. There will be no marriage. According to the AP, and Mr. Johnson, it was a mutual decision. The same article manages to note that Bristol is devastated. Mr. Johnson, who sees the baby frequently, will continue to be an involved father, the story reports. Or maybe he won't. Or perhaps he will sometimes, when he isn't busy, unless he gets involved with someone else who doesn't want that. Ms. Palin will continue to be the mother full time—because she doesn't have a choice. Which is not to suggest that she would want to abandon the baby. Few women do.
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Anonymous said...

My daughter was 16 when she got pregnant. She and the young man wanted to marry. Many people advised me to make them wait. In 5 years, if they were still together, they could get married then. I signed the consent and 1 week after he turned 18 and she was 16 1/2, they married. It wasn't easy. They hit a real bad patch but, because they were married, it was a big deal to break up, lawyers and courts and more money than they had. So they stayed together. Several more bad patches came around but the same circumstances prevailed. Now, 15 years and 4 children later, they are no longer teenagers. They are mature adults with 2 middleschoolers and 2 in elementary school. They remain deeply in love. They each say that the other is their best friend. They have jobs and are currently looking to buy their first home, for which they will pay cash. I am very proud of them. This is not to say that things will work out this way in every case, but planning on getting married later, at some unspecified time, doesn't work at all. Terentia

Anonymous said...

Hey - I can beat that.
Mys sister got married 36 years ago when she was 17 and her husband 18.
Still married.
My friends with college degrees, jobs, etc. - divorced (at least once).

Anonymous said...

I don't think age is the most important factor in deciding when to get married. Having a child, however, should not be the only reason to get married. I belive that leads to more heartache and broken homes later on. Not that it shouldn't be considered, but believing God intends you to be with that person and loving them with your whole heart should be the guiding point to marriage. Afterall, in order to enter into Catholic Christian marriage we have to be entering into it of our own free will, and feeling cornered because of a child is not free will.

eulogos said...

Anonymous 3/13 2/5 am,

I think you are somewhat confused about what "free will" is. Free will doesn't mean that we are delighted with the idea and this is exactly what we would want for our lives in ideal circumstances. Free will means that we say, I acknowledge that I have committed an act which led to the conception of this child, and therefore I freely undertake to fulfill the responsibility I incurred when I committed that act.

It is too bad that Brisol Palin's boyfriend and perhaps Bristol also, did not understand that.
Susan Peterson

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