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Why Isn't the Archbishop Speaking Out?

Rick from Divine Ripples asks why the Archbishop of Washington D.C. defers to the politicians' home bishop in calling them out for scandal such as in voting for abortion. These politicians spend just as much time in D.C. as they do at their "home." Is this just a game of shuffling responsibility?

To grow in the spiritual life, one needs direction. General spiritual guidance is provided in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Specific guidance needs to be arranged with a director preferably with a priest because of his training. The specific guidance is absolutely necessary when discerning a calling or making decisions like supporting a certain law. It is required for priests and religious.

When I was at the order and had to take classes in different schools, I changed directors every year. It is cheaper than making long distance calls and also the non-verbal communication is essential during the session.

That may sound like common sense, but not when one considers the position of the Archbishop of the nation’s capital.
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Anonymous said...

I have alway felt that the "Home Diocese" argument was simply a strawman.

These politicians, once elected will spend the VAST majority of their time in the capitol. As a matter of fact the last 8 representatives never even returned to their districts when they retired or were voted out. They just stayed in DC.

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Whurl has a problem on his hands now in the person of Secretary Sebelius - late of Kansas City.
He will not be able to squeeze out of this one should she show for Holy Communion.
The pressure brought on him from within the Church MUST BE STRONG and constant.
Bendict has provided the model with his Pelosi remonstration - Donald Whurl must be held to task!

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