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What is a Person?

Mike in CT is speechfying this week at a pro-life conference. His remakrs are quite good:

I find it astounding that our entire legal system is designed for the freedom and welfare of the human person, and yet the human person is not defined! Laws are written to account for fair trade between people, regulating what one can and cannot do in civil society. They help us to keep order and we make laws in order to shape the world in which we want to live. And yet, out from underneath us, the sand is eroding away very quickly. The structure that governs us all will collapse without the foundation that is the human person.
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Marc Evan Aupiais said...

Person: something capable of rights and duties; RSA law anyway.

Women of any age are permitted by our judges to abort, they cannot be forced to consult parents. Ironically, they can't buy a chocolate without implied, or explicit parental consent until eighteen: and our judges openly admit that they don't care about the science of it: only their interpretations of the law.

Mike in CT said...

Hi Guys!

Thanks for the link. The conference went well, especially for a first attempt. The girls at the school are to be commended. Hopefully it is the first of many conferences.

God bless.

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