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TV Show Based on Scripture?

The new television show "Kings" is apparently based on scripture and doesn't totally stink. Huh. Who'd a thunk it? Amy's got more:

I first heard about this show - miniseries? - a while back, but it had flown off my radar until today when my daughter said, "Hey that Kings show starts tonight."

The concept is intriguing, as is the cast. Well, the cast named "Ian McShane" at least, McShane being the actor who played Al Swearingen in Deadwood, an HBO show heralded by many, watched by my husband (although he professed to never really knowing what was going on at any given moment) , but totally incomprehensible to me, and one in which I finally settled on defining as "Next week on Deadwood - men in moustaches growl " _______" at each other for 49 minutes!"

And if you don't know what fills in the blank...don't ask.

But McShane is great.

The other reason Kings intrigues is that it's based, supposedly, on Scripture...
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