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Star Trek 90210

Here's the thing. I dug Star Trek: The Next Generation. They did something new with it. But Hollywood is up to its old tricks by doing more remakes than a Michael Bolton CD. You don't mess with Kirk. Not Kirk. He holds a special place in the iconography of heroes. You can't have some CW looking punk play Kirk. Kirk was BIG. He took on Khan! So Big Hollywood beats up on the new Star Trek a little and I say set your phasers on kill, boys.

Here you have these larger-than-life, legendary characters to work with and what are they doing? Making the Starship Enterprise look like a casting session for “High School Musical: The Pouty Prom.”

The original “Star Trek” is iconic and timeless because of the characters. Yes, there was some great storytelling involved, but the best stories always involved the characters — those actors in those roles and the warm, real, complicated relationship that existed between them. No operatic nonsense, no hyper-effects, and no WB Channel-ing can tart its way through that.
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