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Separation Of Church and Hate

From Erin Manning

Oh, sure, we can talk all we want to about the "separation of Church and State." Some groups of people talk of nothing else; of course, since what they really mean by "separation of Church and State" is "separation of all religious values and all the people who hold those values from the public square" they have to be opposed more often than not.

But I think it's time for a radical new idea. I think it's time for the separation of Church and specific, individual states. I think it's time for the Church to write a "Dear State" letter to a handful of truly obnoxious states which keep trying to encroach on the rights of the Church.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine if an Interdict was imposed upon Connecticut? Good thing Conn is a small state. I would think Cathlics could drive a couple of hours across the State line to a Mass in R.I. MA, or NY.

Say! We could return to the golden days of Elizabethan England with secret masses in Knights of Columbus HQ basement and Jesuits hunted down by the Government.

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