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Rare Recording: "So I'm Dying of Cancer"

Dawn Eden sends this over. A very rare recording of Father Daniel A. Lord S.J., and his sermon, "So I'm Dying of Cancer." Check it out.

FIRST TIME ON WEB: The only known recording of Daniel A. Lord S.J.
"God's that wonderful Saviour who walked the highway looking for you because He loved you. And when He couldn't find you, He climbed up on a Cross, hoping that He could see you from that elevation. And then He died rather than let you die."

I have something very special to share: the voice of a man I believe is an unacknowledged saint.

He is Father Daniel A. Lord S.J., and his voice is on a recording of an interview, followed by a sermon (from which the quote above is taken), both recorded in 1954, less than a year before his death at age 66.
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