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Planned Parenthood Mad. Matt Happy.

Here's how I see things. When Planned Parenthood is ticked off, I'm happy. It's pretty easy. It doesn't take much to tick them off. Case in point - PP is angry because Virginia is now allowing license plates to say "Choose Life." The horror! Ed Morrissey has more:

One might think that a license plate that emphasized choice would please the people who style themselves as “pro-choice”. Not in Virginia, though, as Democratic Governor and DNC chair Tim Kaine has discovered. Kaine approved a new option for license plates that displays the phrase, “Choose Life”, and pro-abortion groups have hit the roof:
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Unknown said...

Wow. So choosing life is now at the expense of women's health according to NARAL. Goodness. Oh, yeah, and I'm with you, Matt - if PP is upset, that gives me cause to be happy.

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