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The Obligatory Sex Scene

This is proof that Erin Manning is one of the best writers in the Catholics blogosphere but sadly, it's also evidence that she's terrible with titles. She has a great post with fine insights about sex scenes in television shows and their effect on the culture but she leaves the words "sex" out of the title. Silly Erin. Sex sells - which brings me back to the point of her post.

I've been watching a newish TV show lately; I thought the concept was interesting, and liked the conflict being set up among some characters. I won't mention the name of the show, though, because it looks like its ratio of OSS to quality broadcast moments is becoming unacceptable, as so often happens with even those shows that have some artistic or literary merit.

OSS? Oh, I'm sorry: Obligatory Sex Scenes.

When Flannery O'Connor gives advice to writers in her various essays, she spends some time talking about how, as art is universal and must be true, it has to reflect the world as it is, not the world as we'd like it to be.
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