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No Homeschooling for Creationists?

This is a disturbing ruling that I fear may have long term consequences. It's difficult to know everything going on here but the judge's comments are a bit telling. Mother of All Conservatives weighs in:

A North Carolina judge presiding over divorce proceedings of Thomas and Venessa Mills has ordered Venessa Mills to put her homeschooled children into public school.

Venessa Mills was in the fourth year of home schooling her children who are 10, 11 and 12 years old. They have tested two years above their grade levels, she said.
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Anonymous said...

As a wicked, godless, satanic, homosexuality-promoting, America-bashing, blah, blah, blah public-school teacher and Catholic I agree / know that the education of a child is the responsibility of the parents, not the state. Unfortunately, in this one case it is clear that the parents referred the matter to the state.

As an American and Viet-Nam veteran I wonder why so few people both to vote, especially in school board elections. The governance of this nation and its institution is only theoretically in the hands of the people, most of whom seem content to skid by the voting polls on their way to Starbuck's.

Anonymous said...

When I consider the usage errors in the second paragraph I must report that in my abject shame I am now going to put my neck across a railway line and wait for the Santa Fe.

Be not afraid; it will be my daughter's Lionel train.

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