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Nightline: Hookers for Jesus

We must give credit where credit is due. We pick on the media a lot around here but according to Newsbusters, ABC's Nightline tastefully and without mocking, ran a story on former prostitutes working to get other girls out of the life.

In a respectful and compassionate manner, Nightline’s March 12 broadcast of the “Faith Matters” series brought to light a group of reformed prostitutes who have turned to religion and who are helping other women leave the destructive life of a Vegas prostitute.

Hookers for Jesus is a group started by former prostitute Annie Lobert who hit rock bottom with a cocaine overdose, and decided to leave the prostitute lifestyle when, as she put it, God changed her life. ABC reporter Neal Karlinsky graciously told her story and the story of other women who have found hope through Lobert’s ministry and the church of Pastor Benny Perez.
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Anonymous said...

Some of the, oh, progressive priests in Linz, Austria are going to be very disappointed about this.

Anonymous said...

glory to Jesus Christ, Who is still in the miracles business! (i'm a former trainwreck myself:
right side of the page.)
God is *soooooooo* good!!!!!!!

Rick said...

This is inspiring. Thanks for posting.

I don't know about the Austrian clergy but I have a post about a priest in the brothel and it makes one think twice before judging.

Check it out at:


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