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Liturgical Laryngitis

This is great stuff from Larry D. Funny and true.

The Sons of LarryD are stricken with a disease - it's not life-threatening, mind you. It's pandemic, but not contagious. It's neither debilitating nor incapacitating.

It's just really really frustrating.

I'm talking about Liturgical Laryngitis. You can set your clock to when it strikes, and you can guess rather accurately as to when the symptoms disappear. Sure, there are occasions when it fades away during Mass, for a sentence or two - such as "Dad, tell him to stop kicking me!"; or "Is Mass almost over?"; or "Do you have to sing every verse of the recessional?" Other than that, though, their vocal chords remain as silent as Zechariah while waiting for John to be born.
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