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Life at First Breath?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker says that pro-life is pro-science. It is the pro-aborts who cling to outdated notions of life:

There seems to be a growing popularity among pro abortion folks that life begins 'at the first breath.' I'm not an expert on this view of the beginning of life, but I know that one strain of Hebrew thought proposes that this is when life begins. They take this poetic view from the Genesis story where God 'breathes into man the breath of life.' A colleague tells me that this understanding of the beginning of human life was also held by Rudolph Steiner. Steiner taught that a spirit or 'soul' hovers over a child about to be born and enters into it at the first breath.
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eulogos said...

The background was brown and the text was black. All I could see was the picture of the newborn making its first cry. (Wrap it up and get a hat on it, please, its cold out here!)

I'll try from home with a different browser and see if I can read it. This is with IE.
Susan Peterson

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