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Jen F. Is a Robber.

You know. We here at CMR have long loved "Conversion Diary" and have supported her site but we clearly have to distance ourselves from Jen F. because of her recent crime spree that will likely see Jen F. locked up where she belongs for a very very long time. (Patrick says he always knew something was wrong with her.) It turns out that Jen stole a pacifier. She says by mistake but who knows. If she's willing to do this...what's next? Watch out for her. CMR is very afraid of her and is linking to her only out of fear.

One day last year I was putting grocery bags in the car after an epic store trip, and after I grabbed the last bag something caught my eye in the back of the cart: a $3.75 package of pacifiers. I somehow missed them when I was handing items to the cashier, so we hadn't paid for them.

I had all three kids strapped into the car, they were all overtired and on the brink of major meltdowns, the store was crowded with 10+ minute waits to check out, it was already well past dinner time, and some rumbling thunder indicated that it was about to rain. It seemed virtually impossible to go back into that store. But I really needed those pacifiers. My one-year-old lost her other one and wouldn't sleep without it; they were the main thing I'd gone to the store to get.
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Jennifer @ Conversion Diary said...

And these are the things I ADMIT to! Imagine what terrible deeds I must be committing that I'm not telling anyone about! :)

Marc Evan Aupiais said...

Nice article Jen.


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