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Fr. Morris vs. Phil Donahue on Notre Dame

You had to expect that Phil Donahue (ND grad) would chime in sooner or later on this Notre Dame business. What I didn't expect was that when he went on television everything he said would be smacked into the third row like a weak layup by Fr. Morris. Check it out at Jill Stanek's site. She's got the video and some commentary:

I can't tell you how perfectly I thought our side, Fr. Jonathan Morris and Martha MacCallum, argued against admittedly fallen liberal Catholic Phil Donohue. This was a grand debate where the liberal clock was cleaned.

Fr. Morris employed wonderful skill against Donohue, who threw 9 pieces of mud against the wall to try to move the discussion away from abortion and human embryo experimentation - including Catholic opposition to condoms, a Holocaust denying priest, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, the Catholic Church's history of anti-semitism, George Bush, the lack of priests and nuns, and dropping church attendance....

Fr. Morris consistently reoriented the debate by stating he would love to discuss these issues with Donohue another time, but the topic here was Obama's opposition to Life in context with being honored at Notre Dame.
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Rob in Maine said...

One thing Donahue said struck me. He said that as a divorced Catholic who didn't pursue a Decree of Nullity before he remarried he can't receive Communion. He didn't say "The Church _says_ I can't receive," just "I can't receive."

His choice of words makes me understand that he _doesn't_ receive; that he understands the teaching and follows it. That must be acknowledged.

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