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A Difficult Day

This is a nerve wracking day for Jennie and her Army of Seven. I think many of us can relate:

We were boarding some horses for a friend of a friend, and it was just lovely to see them out there in the meadow, but the barn was getting kind of gross and smelly and we didn't know if they planned to clean it out, so David put a ten dollar bounty on the job. This particular day was warmish and sunny, and when the kids went out to play, they decided it was good working weather. I didn't know, of course. I was inside tidying up a little and nursing a new baby. But then I heard the yelling. Kids yell, and most of the time, I don't react to it much at all, but this yelling, well, there was a different tone about it that set my mama-radar on high alert, and I was nearly at the door when Delaney burst through it.

"Jonny got kicked by the mule!" she yelled.
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