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Bishop Olmsted Letter to ND

Another Bishop speaks out against Notre Dame with some pretty strong language. American Papist has the letter.

Here is a screen capture of the letter that the Bishop of Phoenix Thomas Olmsted sent to Notre Dame President Father Jenkins yesterday (on the Feast of the Annunciation) and has now permitted to be published today:
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Anonymous said...

I love my bishop!!!

Rick said...

Praise God for Bishop Olmsted! I hope there is a way to get Fr. Jenkins superiors to order him to revoke the invitation if Fr. Jenkins persists in his stupidity.

Anonymous said...

How many days before the good bishop clarifies his comments. Everytime a bishop issues strong comments, the media raises a stink and then comes the clarification. Look what happened with Archbishop Burke...a strong interview but then he backs down. Make no mistake, when they clarify they back down. That is the way the average Catholic in the pew perceives it. What are the bishops so afraid of?

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