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Amy: Argument for Obama at ND?

Amy really wants to hear some arguments for Obama at Notre Dame:

Give it to me. (Update: And while I really do appreciate the discussion so far...I was serious. Supporters of the choice...tell me why it's a good choice.)

Here's an arguments against, from the comments box:

My heart is breaking at this invitation and the honorary degree that will be bestowed on President Obama. I graduated from ND Law School within the past 10 years and have consistently defended Notre Dame as a great institution that, despite hiccups and inconsistencies, still was Catholic in a meaningful way. I feel a great affinity for ND than my undergraduate university.
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Anonymous said...

It makes me SICK to see Catholic institutions (or so they call themselves) inviting folks to speak who hold views (and act upon them) contrary to the teachings of the Church. Is this not a form of "acceptance" and "condoning" the individual by merely extending the invitation?

SHAME goes out to Notre Dame. You have lost my respect and admiration. I'd rather support a secular school who would invite Obama. I feel very sorry for the alumni who have remained faithful to the teachings of our faith.

Anonymous said...

By "support" I meant that loosely - in that at least a secular school isn't turning its back on what it supposedly teaches (Catholicism).

This is an act of heresy.

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