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What if the Theater is on Fire?

Mark Steyn of The Corner testified in front of the Ontario Parliament concerning free speech and what did they drop on him but the tired old cliche about "Fire in a movie theater." Steyn, of course, had his way with them:

Following the banning of Geert Wilders - on "public security" grounds - the British government has been defending its decision. The BBC reports:

Foreign Secretary David Miliband told the BBC's Hardtalk: "The home secretary made a decision on an individual case as she is required to do."

He added that the film contained "extreme anti-Muslim hate and we have very clear laws in this country".

Mr Miliband also said: "We have profound commitment to freedom of speech but there is no freedom to cry 'fire' in a crowded theatre."
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nan said...

Mark Steyn is one of my heroes at this point in time. IF he is acquitted I hope he doesn't get a swelled head. Right now he is a voice of reason in an increasingly unreasonable world.

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