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The View: Intolerance is Greatest Sin

The ladies from The View take on the Catholic Church and sin, says Newsbusters:

A discussion on The View on Wednesday about sin quickly devolved as the hosts reiterated common media myths about the Catholic Church and its teachings. Elisabeth Hasselbeck read a bogus list of seven “new” sins that the Vatican supposedly came up with, while Joy Behar misrepresented the Catholic Church’s teachings on papal infallibility. When Barbara Walters later asked what the “biggest sin” was, in their opinion, Behar and Whoopi Goldberg agreed that it was “intolerance.”
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John Hetman said...

The View is an example of what happens to a society that reaches such an apex of madness that it creates this type of utter garbage and septic waste with air-headed females who appeal to an audience worthy of watching lemurs in heat at the local zoo.

If there is ever a study done on the reasons for the fall of America, programs like The View and its audiences will make the top ten.

Child of God said...

The View is the epitome of everything that is wrong with America.
The US religion is Obamanism, the US chapel is the TV in the home, the US preachers are the shiny happy newscasters and the less than attractive hags on the view.

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